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    Postfix configured - now how to read and send emails of virtual users?

    Hi all,

    I have just configured postfix as "separate domains, non-UNIX accounts" according to's readme.

    I can see that test e-mails sent to my VIRTUAL account (let it be user1<at> appear in the correct destination dir (/var/spool/mail/virtual/mydomaincom/new). I did also some telnet tests and was able to send mail from account user1<at> successfully.

    Now I would like to read mails I have received. With a mail text client like alpine. I can see some configuration options in Alpine:

    Personal Name
    User Domain
    SMTP Server (for sending)
    NNTP Server (for news)
    Inbox Path

    and some other but when I set Personal name as user1 and User Domain as and Inbox Path as /var/spool/mail/virtual/mydomaincom I get an error:

    Can't open (/var/spool/mail/virtual/mydomaincom) invalid remote specification

    Note that user1<at> UNIX account does not exist - it is only a VIRTUAL user of postfix.

    Could anyone tell me where could I look further? I can not find the answer anywhere...

    Best Regards

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    I believe you are going to need to configure another external program for Postfix to be able to handoff the messages for storage. I could be wrong, but I believe a mail spool does not store messages in a format sufficient for most (maybe any) mail clients to read them. I believe it is only a temporary storage location for Postfix before it hands it off to something else, either a program that stores the messages in an appropriate format, or another Postfix process to send the messages elsewhere.

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    But how? That's the question... What is that's program name?

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    Aaaah, okay.

    You should probably start here: Postfix Add-on Software.

    On that page, you will find links to what I have come across as the most common POP/IMAP servers that run with Postfix.
    1) Dovecot - Dovecot
    2) Cyrus - Project Cyrus
    3) Courier - The Courier IMAP server

    Of course, you will need to read the relevant section on this page: Postfix Howtos and FAQs.

    Finally, some of the systems listed under web mail on the addons page provide a web interface to email along with POP and IMAP access.

    Hope that helps.

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    "squirrelmail" was the answer Thank you very much!

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