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Thread: Domain Name

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    Domain Name

    Ok, I'm thinking about makeing a central server for my home network that will serve anywhere from 1 to 3 purposes. At the very least, it will be a place for all the networked computers (1 linux laptop, 2 xp desktops, mabey 1 win xp laptop) can store shared files. All but one are connected wirelessly right now, there is just no spot for them to share files. I have a cable line going into a cable modem, which goes into a wireless router with 4 ports for wired connections. I will add in another computer that will be the server for all the rest to store files on. Should i connect the server wired or wirelessly?

    The other part that confused me was domain names. I have to pay for a domain name so i can have a website like right? I might want it to also hold a website for me, as well as be an email server for my family so everyone will have a address. Is this possible?? How much would it cost? and should the server run linux or windows? I have some legal copies of windows so money isn't a problem, I just think it would be harder for it to be linux because that would force me to have the server be wired. I know that these are alot of questions, but I can't find any solid anseres on the internet.

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    IMHO - your server is best to be wired...

    2:nd question, Yes it it possible. Get your domain from your local vendor (look at for basic info)

    Then you can have manage your domain (i.e. DNS entry, MX record and so on...)

    I have been using no-ip for several years and they are very good.


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