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    Installing Samba 3.5.8 on a QNX 6.5.0 machine

    Hey there,

    So I'm attempting to install Samba 3.5.8 on a QNX 6.5.0 machine and I'm running in to several issues. When trying to run configure with the following parameters:

    ./configure -enable-debug -enable-pthreadpool -enable-developer

    the configuration fails on checking configure summary. The actual output is:

    Using libraries:
    LIBS = -lsocket -lpthreads
    checking configure summary... configure: error: summary failure. Aborting config

    It is possible to run make even when the configure fails but then I run into the compiler not being able to link to -lpthread. To work around this I modified the Makefile to not like to -lpthread and got Samba to compile and, I guess, partially install. the nmbd and smbd can be executed but smbd can not be connected too from a windows machine. Log files show that there is an issue with sockets.

    I've done a lot of tweaking to get it this far and I feel there must be an easier way. Has anyone else successfully installed Samba on QNX and if so can you share how you did it? Thanks in advance!

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    I just installed QNX 6.5.0 in a VM on my SL6 system tonight. I'll give it a try and get back to you, but it will probably be awhile before I do. I know that they easily support mounting cifs (samba) file systems from QNX that are on remote Linux and Windows systems, but I haven't tried installing Samba from scratch using QNX as a host. Have you posted your question on the user forums at
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    Thanks for giving this a shot. I've posed this question on a qnx forum too. Let me know what you come up with when you get to it. Thanks again.

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