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    [SOLVED] BIND server not transfer one zone file

    I've been up for almost 24 hours straight digging through debugging, restarts of servers, restarts of services, and is going batty at this point. I'm going to show the zone file example (just an example and not the real file but it mirrors the real file) and this one zone file will not transfer to the slave BIND server and thus most to all records are inaccessible when trying to go to their respective sites.

    $ORIGIN .
    $TTL 86400 ; 1 day IN SOA (
    2010052600 ; serial
    10800 ; refresh (3 hours)
    3600 ; retry (1 hour)
    604800 ; expire (1 week)
    86400 ; minimum (1 day)
    ; --------------------
    MX 10
    ; --------------------
    $TTL 10 ; 10 seconds
    $TTL 300 ; 5 minutes
    cdn IN CNAME
    $TTL 86400 ; 1 day
    admin IN CNAME
    boards IN CNAME
    server1 IN CNAME
    server2 IN CNAME
    mail IN CNAME
    members IN CNAME
    support IN CNAME
    underground IN CNAME
    admin IN A
    boards IN A
    server1 IN A
    server2 IN A
    www IN A
    mail IN A
    members IN A
    support IN A
    basement IN A

    Please excuse the formatting as it looks far better in a text editor. The www seems to work and that is about it. The rest seem to fail and I'm not sure where the syntax is incorrect. OS Is Ubuntu 8.2 and the version of Bind is 9. Any help please?!
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