Hey all,

I purchased a NAS with storage space for four hard drives. Purchased 4X 1TB hard drives, they are installed properly, it's a very simple plug and play procedure.

The first thing I did was re-format the OS off of the NAS. I did not want to use Windows Home Server, so I installed Fedora 14.

I've spent the last week or so getting the folder up and running, permission errors, etc, so I'm pretty new at most of this, but with direction, I can understand most concepts around configuring the server. I am using Samba (latest version) and Windows 7 Home Premium on my computer (both my desktop and laptop). Just got it running full swing today.

The problem is, my sharing folder only has about 40 GB of space, but there is over 4TB of hard drive space installed on the NAS.

I usually control the box via SSH, so I was wondering, what can I do to mount the hard drives to the sharing folder? I think it needs to be RAID, but, I'm just new to all of this.

Any other information you guys require, please ask for it, I'm a bit of a newbie.