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    Squid Setup for Secure Browsing While Traveling

    Hi all, long time 'lurker' first time poster!

    I would like to use my Ubuntu server machine as a proxy so I can browse a little more securely/privately while I am traveling. I connect to a lot of open Wi-FI networks.

    I have Squid setup on an old laptop running Ubuntu Server 10.10 at home, and the main machine I will be using to connect to the proxy is a computer running Windows Vista.

    I am able to connect and use the Ubuntu Server machine as a proxy while traveling with the squid config file modified with http access set to 'allow all'.

    Obviously this isn't the ideal setting (anyone could use my proxy). After lots of reading and Googling I can't figure out how to allow only my Vista laptop (or a specific computer) to use the proxy. I'm a little lost with the ACL settings required.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Follow up...

    Am I on the right track with Squid? Or would it be better to use PuTTY and openSSH as described here:

    w w w dot ""

    Guess I'm too new to post a url

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