Hello, I just need to know if Squid 2.7 can accomplish what I want before I set off learning it.

What I want:

I want to set up a caching proxy that includes URL black/block list that behaves differently depending on where the connection is established from.

Internal Traffic:

I would like the intranet traffic to be transparent and only utilize the caching portion while not being filtered by the URL blacklist.

External Traffic:

I would like to NAT traffic through my router from external locations on an available port. I would like this connection to require some sort of authentication to the proxy. The external connections I would like to be filtered by the URL black/blocklists.

Ultimately my goal is to not filter my own internal traffic and setup a URL filter for two of my friends children to add some control they will have difficulties circumventing.

Is it possible to configure a single instance of squid to cover the above behavior? Or is there an alternate approach I should be taking?

Thanks for your time.