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    Your recommended server monitoring tool ?


    I'm looking for a server monitoring tool.
    The software requirements are :

    - web interface via server Apache
    - graphs (even basic), eg. via RRDTool
    - storage : flat/proprietary files or MySQL
    - licence GPL / Open Source (look obvious on this forum..)
    - optional : Debian packages

    There is only one host to monitor and the monitoring tool will be local hosted on it.
    Monitoring will be rather basic, and about standards services : memory, CPU, MySQL, network, Postfix + Dovecot, proFTPd.

    After some googling I found the following potential products :

    Pandora FMS
    other ?

    Well, I hope my request is complete and clear enough to grab your attention.
    Thanks for your advice and experiences.


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    It comes down to:
    first) requirements and
    second) personal taste.

    My datacenters are monitored via Xymon
    Views -> Main View gives you an overview of your groups (if you decide to create groups)
    One more click leads to a nice X Y grid of your servers, showing all the individual tests.

    Then there is Views -> All non green
    With one page, you know what is wrong.

    And the history there is worth gold.
    As a simple example:
    Say your site is down, web checks, databases, etc are blinking red.
    The history tells you, that a database server went down first.

    It doesnt take too much guessing now, where to log in and check first
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.

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    I second Xymon (aka Big Brother aka Hobbit)

    I like the fact that it is mostly Bash (easy to see what's going on behind the scenes)

    And how easy it is to make custom tests

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    Nagios and NagioSQL - it can monitor anything and everything.

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    About nagios, ive heard its dead.

    But another and better solution is Zabbix. It should be open source and free, with nice gui.

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