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    Setting up DNS, WEB, MAIL and FTP server.

    Hello, I currently have my own Server setup at home.
    On one box I have DNS, WWW, Mail.

    I am needing to change configuration to seperate computer for each task.
    1 computer for DNS, 1 for WWW, 1 for Email.

    I used to have a link for a Network Diagram of the above setup.

    What I am wanting is a Secure network, that allows me to run DNS, WWW, Mail on seperate computers.

    Then joined onto this network, would be my private setup of kids computer, moms computer , gaming computer, etc. Kids computer would have strong rules in iptables.

    Can my configuration of DNS, www , email on seperate computers work on one static ip ??
    Any tutorials would be great, or a complete/proper diagram.

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    You'll get a better response if you ask some specific questions rather describing your situation and giving a vague idea of what you're trying to accomplish.

    That being said, I'll try to answer what I believe to be your question.

    You can have your three servers on three computers and accessible via one IP as long as there is a router that you control between the servers and clients. To do this, you would forward the ports of the specific services to their respective machines on the router.

    To illustrate:

    A request for a web page goes to the IP. This is directed to the router (as that is the IP that you are accessing) on port 80. Then the router redirects (via NAT, usually) the packets to port 80 on the www server, which is basically on an isolated network behind the router.

    To diagram:
    Networked boxen - switch - router_eth2 - - - - -
    Servers - - - - - switch - - - - router_eth1 - -
    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks for the tip on posting question.

    Yes, that basically answers my question.

    I think I was confusing my self, thinking of running a DNS server, and that would act like a router to point to my internal networks server, that would serve the www pages. Then the server would be firewalled from outside.But this is just wrong.

    I will set up DNS, WWW, MAIL, on seperate computers, then with router, point to each server.

    Thanks again.

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