Hi Folks,
I am new to Linux though not completely and I would like to setup a mail server on my local network, ideally this would just fetch the emails from the original server and then act as the middle man.
I am hoping there is a solution like microsofts exchange that will let me run multiple computer's synchronised to the same mailbox/contact list e.g. laptop, pc and blackberry.

I want to do this for more than one email account as well.
Am I asking to much,
Has anyone done this,
what did you use to do it ,
how secure is it ,
I realise from reading other posts that setting up a server that receives and sends mail instead of fetching it from another server is fraught with security risks I'm hoping fetching the mail instead is not as bad.

Also if it could have a vpn connection for when not on the LAN to email/files on the server as well that would be even better.

Any help would be much appreciated I haven't settled on a distro yet trying to get the planning sorted out first.

Cheers Benn