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    Where is the PHP error log?

    Hi all, newbie here with a question about the location of the PHP error log.

    In my php.ini file, the "error_log" value was blank, but error logging was turned on, which (according to some other forum) means that errors should have been logged in the system's log file. But, I can't find where that is. I've looked in var/logs, but haven't found anything with PHP-related info.

    Does anyone know where PHP errors are logged when there is no PHP log file location set? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    *EDIT: Gah, looks like I was wrong -- errors are only saved to the system's log if you set "error_log = syslog" in the php.ini file. I'm guessing this means that PHP errors have not been logged anywhere. Can anyone confirm this?

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    Depends on your usecase, see here:
    PHP: Runtime Configuration - Manual

    It is usually a good idea to set it to a separate file,
    and even more to use syslog, so you are able to log locally and to a central log server.
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