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    Generating apache log reports with specific format

    Hello all,

    I'm trying to find some tool on generating reports based on apache access_log files (of Common format).
    I found some of them (awstats, lire/logreport, weblog expert, apache logs viewer, etc..) but they generate some global and general report about the log file.

    Also some perl script I found they just show the Top X number of different patterns.

    My request is how can I generate some similar report with this output:

    IP-s | Total nr. of connections | Number of pages visited | Total time of connection

    So basically this is a list with every IP on the log and the respective numbers (connection/pages/time) associated.

    Is this possible or can you guide me how to write some script for this?


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    default apache access_log contains time of start of file request but no end of time on site
    hence your Total time of connection may be impossible with default log format
    such time on site usually is done with toolbars (such as alexa toolbar) but only for those having toolbar installed

    you can of course completely change the log file format within the possibilities of apache logs
    Log Files - Apache HTTP Server

    as a fast log analyzer I use since many years (a modified version of) webalizer
    ultra fast with all data needed (except Total time of connection)
    webalizer is available on common dists (opensuse since long)

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    Hi hans51,

    Thanks for the reply.

    For the moment I'm testing awstats and its perl script generates some simmilar report like I want (except for the Total time of connection because of the absence of the End of Time Request on the apache log like you said) ,
    but I'm stuck on how to limit the report on one interval, let's say one week, so to generate the report weekly from the log (btw the log is rotated monthly).


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