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    Can Postfix be used here?

    We're using a VOIP setup that needs to be able to send the voice messages as attachments to external POP mailboxes. The POP server requires authentication, but the VOIP device can't provide authentication. Here's my question, can I use Postfix to be the SMTP server that will accept smtp requests from the VOIP, and send the messages out to the POP server (with authentication)?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Linux Newbie hans51's Avatar
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    I am fairly sure yes - yet never have done VOIP attachments myself
    but postfix is a workhorse for all types of stuff out there needing to be mailed

    you have to consider a few things

    in your mail server /etc/postfix/
    add your IP to the mynetworks to allow sending without authentication between you and mail server
    - make sure the file extension is on NO block-list (is allowed)
    - make sure the message size is adapted to the size of your voice message
    these voice messages may most likely get very large and may get blocked on your sender-side as well as on recipient side (you will have bouncing messages returned to sender because your file size exceeds many limits out there! - it surely would on MY mail servers!!!)

    to bypass latter, you may consider a solution where the VOIP message is available for download instead of send as attachment

    out in the world are ppl who have to pay traffic BY KB volume (I do = a single typical youtube cost me in the range of 1+us$)
    keep that in mind!
    ppl using VOIP do so because they can't afford direct calls and even less such possible volume charges
    to me it appears that it would be more cost efficient for the call-recipient to record the entire communication rather than sending complete conversations by voice messages that may have dozens or hundreds of MB in size

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    Thanks Hans51. That's encouraging. I'm going to build a test server to see what I can make work. Could you tell me where, in the Postfix config I would enter the credentials that the hosting SMTP server would need to receive? Thank you.

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    there is much more to the entire postfix mail server configuration
    best is you have a look a the original configuration parameters
    Postfix Configuration Parameters

    I use opensuse - make a LAMP install as a basic configuration
    then modify the existing postfix configuration to meed my specific needs by adding/adapting configuration parameters as needed
    remember that you have NO influence and NO way to bypass recipient side restrictions to your voice mail attachment file extensions NOR your file size. if file size in excess of 10MB then you may get into troubles in many cases.

    mynetworks =
    is where you define who (IP) is part of your network
    all your OWN servers are listed there and thus need no auth

    when sending test mails with voice-mail attachments, look at your
    to see if your mail in queue or sent

    then when ALL done,
    TEST your mail server =
    Mail relay testing

    when all working, you also may want to modify your NS by adding an SPF record entry (Sender Policy Framework) to add credibility to your mail server and avoid accidental spam filter loss of mails - the more strict your SPF records,. the better as long as YOU abide by your own strict rules.

    you never mentioned what linux dist you use - there may be differences as to default settings. I love and use opensuse since after I left the win world 1998. the opensuse postfix/dovecot mail server setup is quiet straight forward using above links PLUS common sense + Google

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