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Thread: over load

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    Question over load

    i have a load problem on my server since 6/7/2011(about 3 days).
    always my server load's is about 0.53 but suddenly increase load step by step. when this problem happen, i see "top" output and it shown that a command "/usr/sbin/repqouta" with "root" with "100%" usage for "05:11" was runnig.
    when i run "kill -9 [pid]" can not kill and stop "/usr/sbin/repqouta".
    this problem cause of increase load and get down server.
    how can i fix it?

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    What is starting the repquota command? What are the command options and arguments it has been given?
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    After you gathered the informations mentioned by rubberman, see if you can verify the behaviour by calling the command manually.
    Also look out for error messages
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