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    Any idiot proof mail server howto's?

    Hey all,

    This will be probably my 5th attempt at setting up a mail server (imo the hardest of the lamp stack!). All the guides I have found prooved to be inconclusive.

    Do any of you guys know any guides you swear by/found extremely useful?


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    Depends on which mail server you mean to use. I found the Exim documentation to be very precise (Specification of the Exim Mail Transfer Agent).
    However, I strictly recommend not to set up any public server if you haven't got the knowledge of all the risks and administration pitfalls. It can really endanger yourself and many other people. If your server gets hacked you might step into big trouble.
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    Yep, I'm well aware of the public stuff, it will just be a mail server for my own personal account - something to play around with to learn, I've just never actually got it off the starting stage

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    It's very difficult, if not impossible, to idiot-proof anything, since idiots are so ingenious.

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    2 years ago I setup a complete set of 2 mail-servers postfix/dovecot (many yrs earlier this part was unfortunately cone by another person with a weird way of thinking and linking.

    just for my own ONE account with multiple alias that actually was quiet easy to setup
    the first part depends on your linux dist - I use ever since opensuse
    hence i started with the default install that already does most - like sending mails - NO mysql !!
    then I added or modified to postfix configuration as needed until all my requirements were met
    at the end a mail server test for open relay
    Mail relay testing

    for configuration I used the original reference
    Postfix Configuration Parameters

    another howto
    HowTos/postfix - CentOS Wiki

    if you google, always ADD your linux dist to your keywords - like
    postfix dovecot opensuse howto
    postfix dovecot ubuntu howto

    that would be easiest way to find specific copy/paste command line or configuration lines ready to use for your individual needs
    make all as simple as possible

    for dovecot
    HowTo - Dovecot Wiki

    overall it depends a lot on what Linux dist you use
    opensuse for example has most of the stuff fairly well pre-configured
    if you use any of the www available howtos, you may have to adjust paths or certain file name policies to meet your linux dist

    look at dates of howtos
    use only what is wtihin 1 or 2 yrs from now (2011 or oldest 2010), avoid all oldie stuff, Linux changes rapidly and also becomes more admin friendly in newest versions

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