Recently, I installed Ubuntu 11.04 server on an extra computer I have at home. It was a little difficult to setup but eventually I got it. I set it up as a print server and file server (Samba). I attached an HP printer to the server and shared it out. On two remote computers, I added the printer as a network printer (Ubuntu 11.04 desktop and Windows XP) and have been able to print to it without any problems. I have a third remote computer (Windows XP) and installed the printer on it. When I try printing from it, I keep getting an error "Spooler SubSystem App has encountered a problem and needs to close." I've restarted the server and desktop PC several times. I've re-installed the printer many times. Nothing has worked. I've found one fix ( but it does not help at all. It's probably a driver issue but when I go into properties, I go to the advanced options and it doesn't even give me a chance to change the driver. The option is grayed out where on the other computers it isn't grayed out. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks.