Recently, I installed Ubuntu 11.04 Server on one of my computers and set it up as a file and print server. Samba is installed and configured. The server has drives with files shared on them using Samba and for the most part, it works great. I have three other computers on my network which can access the files (2 Win XP boxes and 1 Vista). They can access all shares without ANY problems. A fourth computer has Ubuntu 11.04 desktop installed and on the network. I cannot access the shared files from the Ubuntu machine for some reason. I can view all computers and shares on the network but when I go to open it, I keep getting the "unable to mount location" message. I've even changed sharing permissions in Samba to allow everyone. No matter what I do, that Linux computer can not mount the shared drives but the Windows computers can. I thought Samba can be used for accessing files from Windows AND Linux clients, not just Windows. If it should work, suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.