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    Samba Change of direco. notification via nested linux share to windows

    Hi All

    we have an SFTP server (RHLE 5.3), linux app server (RHLE 5.3), and Windows 2008 x64 APP server.

    The SFTP which is located on DMZ, we have shared directory using samba share from the SFTP server. this directory is shared to the linux app server. and then the same directory is shared to the windows server via the linux app server. in other words the Win server is accessing the directory shard by the SFTP server via the linux server.

    On the Win Server there are application software that require the Change of directory notification (i believe produced using inotify) to run successfully. For some reason if a change is originated from the SFTP server to the shared directory, the notification is not passed to the Win server, but if the change to directory is originated from the linux app share the to the same share, the notication is detected by the Win server.

    bearing in mind, for testing, a drectory was shared (samba) directly from the SFTP to the Win server, a Notfication was successfully detected by the Win server

    i suspect that the change of notification is somehow lost/stopped between the linux App and the Win servers.

    Could someone please help me rectify this matter?


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    So from what I gather the shared directory actually resides on the sftp server. That is shared via sftp (ssh) to the linux app server which in turn shares it out via samba to the windows server? Correct?

    My guess is that the linux app server (the middle man) is not noticing the changes to the directory when the sftp server makes them. This may be remedied by a script of some sort to essentially refresh the directory it is looking at. Another option might be to use other means to connect to the sftp server to get the files (such as nfs) if possible.

    Sorry, don't have much time now otherwise I would poke around a little for you.

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    Thanks for your reply Calix

    Actually the the SFTP server is also a samba server, so it is sharing the directory to the Linux App server via a samba share not via SSH. in the meatime, Linux App shares the same directory (shared from SFTP) via Samba to the Windows App server.

    for some reason the Middle Man (linux App) cant pass the chnage of notification from the SFTP to the windows sever.

    I would really appreciate if you give me more tips on how to generate a script to manually refresh the directory in the Linux App server.

    using NFS might be a last resort becasue that will require new setup which inlcudes openning new ports in the firewall

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