I have apache2 webserver installed on client's dedicated server running Debian Squeeze distro. We have many domains directed to that server and we had installed many PHP-based applications, such as Wordpress.

Now to the problem: apache2 loads *.php scripts without the "php" extension. I don't know if this is some kind of PrettyURLs addon to the apache2 webserver, it was already installed when I've started managing the server. We need to get rid of that, because it mess up all the scripts. For example: if I'll try to load [someurl]/wp-login , then it loads the wp-login.php script. If I'll try to load [someurl]/wp-login.php, the wp-login.php is still loaded.

How can we get rid of that? I have already checked apache2.conf for AddType line, but it is not even there.