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    Define FROM in sendmail command

    I have a postfix server with system user.
    I added vacation message using procmail and it works, but 1 problem, i m hosting multiple domain name listed in mydestination in and the vacation always uses the same DOMAIN in MAIL FROM ( listed in the /etc/mailname) and not the recipient. MAIL FROM is always like that : user1 AT or user2 AT although the recipient on my server can be user1 AT or user2 AT

    So i would like to specify a "mail from" in this vacation script :

    :0 Whc: vacation.lock
    * ^To:.*user1 AT
    * !^X-Loop: user AT
    | formail -rD 8192 vacation.cache

    :0 ehc
    | (formail -rA"Precedence: junk" \
    -A"X-Loop: user AT" ; \
    cat $HOME/.vacation.msg; \
    echo ""; \
    echo "-- "; cat $HOME/.signature \
    ) | $SENDMAIL -oi -t

    Could you tell me how define a "mail from" in this script, i did some test but it does not work.

    Thank you


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    ok solved with :
    SENDMAIL -oi -t -f sender@domain

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