Hello everyone,
I have a question on Squid.
In my office we have a Squid Proxy server on a VM that's connected to the local network. The proxy options on the client pcs of the office are configured through AD with the WPAD option on the DHCP server (I use the auto proxy discovery to prevent laptop users from needing to change their proxy configuration every time they go to a client), even the pcs used for administration which need to access https sites that require specific certificates for browsing, so when the proxy is active on these computers the users can't get access to these websites.
Now the solution I have in my mind is to add an exception for these websites on the wpad.dat (used for the auto discovery) or on the squid.conf file. The problem is that I don't have a clue of where to start from, can someone give me a hand please????
I tried using the acl srcdomain option but the problem persists.