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Thread: Separate server

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    Separate server

    now i got a server with Fedora core release 5 for file sharing and also used Samba for mail, apache for web. Now, i want to separate it to two part, one is the file sharing and the other one is a the mail and web. Is it possible to use VM separate it and hold file sharing by VM?
    If that is possible, what i need to do?

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    I donīt understand the part "...samba for mail".
    Samba has nothing to do with mail.

    But if your question is:
    - can there be one VM for samba (file sharing)
    - and another VM for mail and web
    then yes, this is doable.

    It depends on the load, though.
    The general problem of VMs is IO performance.
    So if you have a lot of users (file sharing, web or mail) then a physical machine might be needed.
    Probably the file sharing would benefit from real hardware the earliest.

    Rough points for the migration:
    - Install two up to date operating systems: CentOS 6, Scientific Linux 6, or debian 6 come to mind. But this is of course your choice.
    - copy and adapt the daemon config. There were quite a lot of new verisons out since fedora 5, so your samba/apache/<mailserver> config might need some tweaks
    - copy the data to the new machines
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