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    Apache IP Address and NIC Messup

    I have Apache webserver in front end acting as reverse proxy for application servers. Now the Problem is. I have 4 network cards and 5 IPs on the apache httpd webserver machine. I have configured apache to listen on first IP address port 80 via Virtual host.

    Now when a client hits my apache webserver it goes to the application server to fetch data the problem is.. apache is using 4th IP address that is I dont want apache to use IP Address to connect to the application server. I want apache to use 2nd IP Address to connect to Applicaton server at the backend.. is it possible? How can i accomplish this ?

    Webserver IPs
    NIC1 -
    NIC1 - - (additional IP)
    NIC2 -
    NIC3 -
    NIC4 -

    App server IP

    please let me know if there is a solution to change the IP Addresses of outgoing apache connection

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    This could be a network routing issue on the web server - when your Apache session tries to connect to the remote machine it follows the normal routing table. I'm assuming you have a subnet for each of the NICs, so you want to do a 'route add' for the subnet (probably 10.10.2.*) that goes off to through the right device (eth1 or whatever it's called). Something like this:

    route add -net netmask dev eth1
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