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    Complete LAMP tutorial?

    I basically have a CentOS server with Webmin installed. Nothing else. I've managed to install Apache, PHP, MySQL, and a FTP server. But, there are several things that I can't figure out among the things that I probably need to know but don't know that I need to know. For instance, all my web files are permissioned under root:root. I don't think that's correct, but I can't find anything to tell me how this should be set up. When I connect to FTP, I can't get to any directory but the home directory. Etc., etc. Anyone know of an article that will do a walk-through from OS installation to complete and secure LAMP setup?

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    This might be a start
    The Perfect Server - CentOS 6.0 x86_64 [ISPConfig 3] | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

    Just keep in mind:
    There is not one way to configure a lamp (or linux in general), it rather depends on the scenario and available resources.
    Imho, the versatility is what makes unix great but it comes with the price of a steeper learning curve.
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    While not definitive, this tutorial may provide some food for thought, especially if you have root access and multiple sites to host.
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