I have a problem like next:

I need to share a webcam over the world. I have a linux server (ip zzz for ex.) with very fast internet connection. And I have an other comp (ip yyy for ex.) (linux or win - joice of main) with 1MB uplink.

The webcam is connected to the yyy machine and that can be located anywhere. Cause it have a only 1MB up connection, it should be connected only to zzz server with one connection only active. The zzz server then shares it all ower the world.

Uh because my english ain't so good, I hope i made myself clear enough. Bad example, but i think the XXX live webcams use the same system. The camera is somwhere in the apartment, connected to some comp. and the main web server is situated miles away from there.

How to do this? Any hints or links or anything are welcome.