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    Making Postfix switch hostnames when sending outbound mail, to...

    I host multiple domains from my server, and because of this I just set my host name to my computer name.
    Some mail servers do not like this, so I am wondering if it is possible to make Postfix switch hostname declaration when sending an outbound e-mail, to match the domain it is sending for?

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    If you will set the correct SPF record for the domains you are sending mail for you will not need this change

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    Cool, so do you know if it can be done or not?

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    Mail servers don't care if the hostname matches the domain or not. What matters most:

    1) the hostname of the server has a valid 'A' record and the 'PTR' record matches the forward
    2) the hostname your mail server states in the SMTP welcome message matches the 'PTR' record

    I would just make sure that all domains you host have the same host for the 'MX' record and you have the correct 'PTR'.

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    I don't believe in PTR records. My ISP that my server uses won't change it anyway.

    A DNS lookup on a MX record is verification that the mail is being sent from the server.
    Plus, what happens if I am using a relay server?!

    Servers that don't accept mail unless reverse DNS matches are administered by people that don't know what their doing.
    Some people will disagree, but the fact is legitimate mail is rejected because of it - which is failure for the administrator at the receiver end.

    These days I don't care anyway.. If the remote server doesn't want to accept my mail, then thats their problem.

    Thread concluded.

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