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    Question Sendmail delay on large messages


    running Centos 6, Sendmail 8.14.4 and Spamassassin.

    Problem: When sending Mails with attachments they are delayed for one hour. (sitting in the queue doint nothing)
    Emails without attachment are sent immediately ...

    Problem occurs only with spamassassin installed - without spamassassin it works like a charm ...

    Already searched hours in Google / Boards - but no luck yet! Maybe some of you can help me with this!

    Thank you, bye from Austria

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    Because of a restructuring of our Internet facing services, I don't work on Spamassassin any more, but I have a recollection that for messages that it can't complete the scan for in a certain time, they get requeued and scanned later. But that may have been long ago, in a version far away. I once ran a 20,000 user domain on one main relay and an overflow server, and had all kinds of issues with delayed delivery and with server load, requiring manual babysitting when things got hot.

    Are these essentially "trusted" messages, e.g. outbound relays from internal users? You can try whitelisting in so they aren't scanned.

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    Hi Mudgen,

    thx for your answer! I found a solution for this problem - even if it makes no sense for me ...

    Had to explicit name the DaemonPort (O DaemonPortOptions=Name=MTA) - as soon as I did this - the problem was gone!
    With no Spamassassin installed - no problem; only with Spamassassin installed and no DaemonPort Name the problem arrised ...



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