Dear All

I have configure DNS and Sendmail on my internal linux behind of Linux Router. (for internal organization mailing itself).
I can send and received mail within internal network but not able to send mail to yahoo and hotmail (unable to send to internet).

Following is the my current configuration :-

Internal Sendmail (Linux) : including FQDN DNS is (dns is working fine.) and mx record.

I had test using telnet 25 from client and from server. and set querytype=mx.(working fine.)

/etc/mail/acess RELAY OK RELAY (windows client)



ISP - Linux Router -

I want to send outgoing mail through linux router (internal sendmail forward outoging mail to linux router and router will forward to internet).

I tried to configure the say way but not able to send outgoing mail.

Can anybody help out me to resolve this problem.

Your help will more appreciate me.