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    Configuring client for Directory Server

    How do I configure the client for Directory Server? I've searched everywhere and read the entire Admin guide for DS and can't find the answer anywhere. I've updated ldap.conf to the best of my knowledge, with the exception of "binddn" because I'm not sure if I really need that and what exactly it should be (as far as the cn is concerned), and I've added the necessary lines in /etc/pam.d/login to authenticate against ldap. However, when I try to log in, it's not looking at my DS to authenticate. What am I missing here? Yes, I have dirsrv-admin, dirsrv, httpd, mysql, etc running. Where is the link between my client and DS to tell my Linux box to authenticate via my DS? I thought it was as simple as telling it that my "base=dc=example,dc=com", setting the "host" field, and I'm good to go. What am I missing? BTW: my fdn does resolve properly.

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    Did you not configure this with 'authconfig'? That's what I used when I did this (it was long ago now though...)
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    I did initially, but that didn't do it.

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    I still can't figure this one out. It seems to me that I would have to tell PAM to use Directory Server for authentication and I would think that would mean adding the DS library to /etc/pam.d/login. I tried this but it's still not working.


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