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    Unhappy php file upload to linux server

    Hello all:

    I am having a problem with a Flash AS3 form with PHP file upload on a linux server. I had this form working fine on a Windows Server, But then I moved to a Linux server and it stopped working correctly. As I checked, the form uploads the file correctly but it fails at the very end (at 100% of the progress bar) to inform the file has successfully been uploaded. By the PHP code, after the uploaded file is finally uploaded, it will be moved to a defined folder, but this seems not to happen.

    Could it be a restriction or a limitation on the Linux Server for not allowing to move the file to the specified folder ??

    I chmod the folder and files to 777.

    This is the PHP code:

    PHP Code:

    // Set local PHP vars from the POST vars sent from flash
    $todayDate $_POST['todayDate'];
    $Name $_POST['Name'];
    $Email $_POST['Email'];
    $filename $_FILES['Filedata']['name'];    
    $filetmpname $_FILES['Filedata']['tmp_name'];    
    $fileType $_FILES["Filedata"]["type"];
    $fileSizeMB = ($_FILES["Filedata"]["size"] / 1024 1000);

    // Place file on server, into the images folder
    move_uploaded_file($_FILES['Filedata']['tmp_name'], "images/".$filename);

    // This section edits your log file, if you don't need a text log file just delete these lines
    $myFile "logFile.txt";
    $fh fopen($myFile'a') or die("can't open file");
    $stringData "\n\ntodayDate: $todayDate  \n Name: $Name \n Email: $Email \n ssid: $ssid \n FileName: $filename \n TmpName: $filetmpname \n Type: $fileType \n Size: $fileSizeMB MegaBytes";
    // End log file edit

    Can anyone help me please ??? Thanks in advance !!!

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    do you get any errors in the error log? how is php running(apache module, fastcgi or suphp)? is safe_mode enabled? is open_basedir restriction in effect?

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    Check if you have permission on folder.
    Apache server use apache as user in Fedora and www-data in ubuntu/debian

    ll ../images

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    I'd wager its writing in the tmp directory or somewhere like that. You're chrooted, which means you can't get to the file. You need to change upload_tmp_dir to an area that is accessible.
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    Well, the problem was solved strangely. First, my hosting provider said I could not change any PHP permissions because the hosting package I have is located in a shared server and this server has universal sever permissions for PHP. I tested My file uploader in another linux sever as the same as I have and WORKED !!! ...

    So what was the difference ???: The PHP file was in the root of my linux server instead of inside another folder. The PHP files that worked were located in "public_html". The PHP file that didnīt work were inside a folder "public_html/folder/".

    When I changed the PHP file to the "public_html" folder and redirect the AS3 Flash to look for it at that location, the File uploader started to work, even when the file uploader was inside the "public_html/folder/" folder.

    I wonder why this happens ??? I have read about many people with the same problem around the web. It would be nice if someone can help us with an explanation.

    Thanks all for your help !!!


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