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    Postfix and server processes


    I'm fairly new to Linux, especially working with it through a command line.

    I'm getting used to the basics, such as viewing/ editing various config files and also viewing processes on the server.

    My question is, at the moment, the maximum number of running processes allowed on the server is 128. Is this a reasonable number?

    Secondly, I'm using the server to send out mailshots to a mailing list. Some of the list is outdated and therefore needs to be checked before mail is sent out. This is done by validating the connection to the remote SMTP server. If the response is successful, the email address is kept, and if not, it is discarded. As I can see looking at my script, the socket connection to the remote SMTP server is opened and closed.

    One thing I have noticed though whilst the mailshots are sending is that there appears to be a number of identical processes running which is hitting the max 128 processes and essentially crashing the server. The process is question is something like the following:

    postfix smtp -t unix -u

    Could someone help me in explaining what this process is part of? Is this part of the mail being sent out or part of the SMTP validation connection at the outset? And how can I reduce the amount of these appearing which is causing the server to crash?

    Thanks for your help.

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    The process limit you are talking about is present on very weak VPSs only, try getting a dedicated server, you will have no process limits.

    The process you are talking about is the mail agent sending mail, try sending less emails at once since you have that process limit

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