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    Home Server Distro Recommendation

    Hello, I have just started to use Linux a few weeks ago, since I am setting up a home server. I have some specific functions that I want it to perform, but I cannot decide which distro to use. I tried Ubuntu server already, and had a hard time configuring it in the CLI, but that does not scare me away. I am fine with learning and do not mind to use the CL.

    My requirements, at least, will be these:

    1.) File sharing (is Samba required for networking the server and Windows clients, or can I use just SSH or a virtual environment?)

    2.) Torrent server - I do not want to use Transmission, so any distro that supports rtorrent or Deluge will be better

    3.) Media streaming - I have a PS3 so live streaming to it would be a great function to have

    4.) Remote management and access

    I already have a router that acts as DHCP and assigns static IP addresses, so I will not need to assign my client computers their static addresses as it is already done. Also, I do not need to host websites or a firewall on the server.

    I have been doing much reading in forums and tutorials on several distro sites, as I have only used Windows before.

    If you ladies and gentlemen could help, I would like to know your recommendations about the OS type I should use for optimizing my requirements.

    Thank you, have a good day!

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Take a look at the thread here for some suggestions from forum members. Personally I'd recommend RHEL (or free rebuilds like Scientific Linux and CentOS) and Debian.

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    Thanks, I thought those would be the better ones but I just wanted to make sure.

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    Yeah, I second the recommendations of daark.child. I'd throw in Fedora, too, b/c it has most of what RHEL (et al) provides, with the addition of many, many more packages not available (by default) to RHEL. If you do go w/RHEL, though, be sure to check out the EPEL repo (kind of like Fedora add-ons for RHEL).

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    One caveat with Fedora, if you want to play (or even stream) proprietary media formats (mp3 etc.) the default install won't allow it. You can grab extra packages to add the capability but it's a pain.

    Stay away from slick and shiny graphical interface oriented distros. You don't need point and click with bling, you need tons of packages available. For a server I'd use FreeBSD personally (well over 8000 ports) but if it has to be Linux then I'd prefer Debian, because they just plain have the largest repos and it's easy to strip out the things you don't need. Anything rpm based always seemed easier to break when I used it.

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