Hello everyone,

I'm trying to set up Squid 2.7 as a caching proxy on my Ubuntu 10.04 laptop, for my personal web browsing only. I have a couple of questions that I haven't been able to find answers to:

--I only want to cache content from specific domains. All other requests should be passed through transparently to the destination server. Is this the right way of doing it?
acl domain1 dstdomain .example.com
cache allow domain1
cache deny all

--For these domains, content should be cached even if the destination server says not to cache it. How to force that?

--Also, I do want to cache SSL content, again only from these specific domains. Does that require squid to have been compiled with --enable-ssl? If so, how do I tell whether the version of squid I am running (installed from the Ubuntu repository) has the necessary support?

--Last, I want to force squid to satisfy the request from the cache without checking the destination server for an updated version for, e.g., one week after the file is cached. At that point, squid should check the destination server, download a new version if there is one, and (regardless of whether a new version exists) update the date of the cached version so that it doesn't check for another week. How to do that?

Many thanks for suggestions, pointers to how-tos, etc.