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    roaming profile ?

    Is their any linux software that allows me to do roaming profiles ?
    I know in microsoft server machines I have the ability to do roaming profiles.

    Also is their any software equivalent to active directories other then openldap/like-wise open for linux based machines?

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    Well , found this
    Well, the classic Unix-Style approach to "roaming profiles" is to have the user's home directories on a (typically NFS) file server, and they get mounted onto whichever machine the user logs in.
    I am assuming you can use samba instead of NFS so it will be more portable / can be used in both windows and linux computer enviroment.

    Curious does anybody know how in the samba smb.conf file where to tell it to retrieve a home directory off a server on the network "AT LINUX STARTUP" i.e when you start your computer.

    Thanks for any help

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    Think I found it

    in the smb.conf

    # Un-comment the following and create the profiles directory to store
    # users profiles (see the "logon path" option above)
    # (you need to configure Samba to act as a domain controller too.)
    # The path below should be writable by all users so that their
    # profile directory may be created the first time they log on
    ;   comment = Users profiles
    ;   path = /home/samba/profiles
    ;   guest ok = no
    ;   browseable = no
    ;   create mask = 0600
    ;   directory mask = 0700
    But if somebody has done it before I would like to talk on irc / with them if they have a chance....

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    This is not really the best way to do this. In my network the Linux users use their own home directory normally, in the Unix style, which are NFS mounted onto the workstation from the server - this ensures they get exactly the same desktop whichever machine they log into.

    The Windwos desktop is not the same beast. A 'roaming profile' is copied between machines when you do a domain logon. You don't actually have a 'home directory' as such, you have a set of 'Folders' that are assigned to you, and the domain administrator determines which bits get copied in when you log-on using the policy settings.

    Also, the permissions structure between Samba-hosted (i.e. Windwos format) directories and Linux/Unix style directories is different.

    You're much better off allowing Samba to do domain log-on using your centralised accounts and store their Windwos profile information, and allow Linux log-on using the same centralised accounts and give them access to their home directories.

    The problem you're trying to overcome is really about those centralised accounts - I used to do it with LDAP using 389 Directory Server (when it was still Fedora Directory Server). It gave me one central set of user logons that both OS's could authenticate against. If you don't use this, or Radius or Kerberos a similar system, then you'll end up with account mappings in your Samba config that point at your Linux accounts, but they can potentially have different passwords.
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