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    Quote Originally Posted by khildin View Post
    I'm not sure what you exactly mean with DDNS in W2k8R2. Is it the automatic registering of DNS records on the local LAN (ip addresses issued by DHCP) or making use of a service like DynDNS? I don't know if Zentyal does register clients in DNS. I barely use Windows servers/clients.
    Have a look at an explanation of the differences here: ht tp://w

    The DynDNS service is implemented in Zentyal, with their own DDNS cloudsolution. However, DNSpark.c om, Joker.c om, ZoneEdit, DynDNS and EasyDNS are supported aswell.
    Sorry. DDNS is Dynamic DNS wherein the clients will automatically register themselves on the local LAN with the DNS service (as opposed to the older method of manual entry). Both forward and reverse entries are registered.

    If I am understanding correctly, the show-stopper here for using Linux at this time as a direct replacement for the functionality available within 2008R2 is that Linux can not at this time be an across-the-board substitute for a DC based on the functionality as found within Server 2008R2. And that's a bummer because the Bloatware as offered by Microsoft is really a pain in the neck to deal with.

    Am I correct or am I misunderstanding? My knowledge of MS operating systems is far greater than that of Linux so I have no problem deferring to your opinions.

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    Bruce, You may want to read the following BLOG from one of the zentyal devs: ht tp://b


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