Hi All!

I'm a total newbie to Linux/unix. I can only login with putty , start/stop jboss server, view man pages. I do know a bit aboute networking (ip, routing) but very little.

I need to learn how to configure Linux to run jboss application server (java http server) on it and to be able to connect to my java web applications from internet. Additionaly it would be greate to connect to external server, also linux, with mysql database in a way that only my application can connect to it.

As I'm veeery new to Linux I would be veeeery greatefull for:
1. listing a set of topics I need to read aboute to understand such configuration. Like which linux to use for the start
2. set of articles/tutorials/books etc aboute those topics from point 1. So I can have a good reference.
3. Any advice on how to set learning path so I can learn all this in most efficient way.

Than you veery much for any response!