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    Question Proxy Server - not backend

    I'm helping a friend out, and I need someone to point me in the right direction. I'm just not sure what software I should be looking at for this particular issue.

    What I know about proxy servers is usually backend stuff. You set one up, put the configuration in the program (usually a browser) and everything runs through that proxy. Alternatively some programs set up a tunnel and proxy everything that way.
    Those aren't what I need. Here is the scenario

    1. Remote webserver that people will use
    2. a remote website they need access to, but it will only take connections from a specific ip address (which is not the web server)
    3. another machine sitting at that that specific address that we can do anything with.

    What we'd like to do is set up something on the webserver in the form a link where they can click it, and it will take them to that machine which will work as a proxy to access the website.
    I understand it in theory, but the only proxy stuff I've done has been backend stuff above. We don't want the users to have to configure anything on their end. We don't have any control over the remote website itself. But users will need more than read access. They'll have to interact with and log in to that site, then navigate it.

    1. Has anyone seen anything like this before? The main server/site is not acting as a proxy, it simply will hold a link to the actual proxy server
    2. Is it possible?
    3. Can anyone point me in the direction of which particular software I should be looking at to handle this? I can go there and read tutorials and hit up their forums for more specifics.

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    Well I haven't seen anything like that! (will hold a link to the actual proxy server).

    But with squid for example you can create acls to control who can go out and what website they can hit and from which machine they can do that, another idea if you want your clients to use one machine which will allow them to access one site, I guess you need to look at product like citrix!

    or simply the change your requirements so process doesn't have to be as complicated

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