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    Crossplatform File systems


    I have a department at my work that uses all Mac OS X machines. I've been tasked with migrating all they're existing data from an HFS+ file system to a new server.

    I know about the data fork and resource fork and have the file transfer down to preserve them but I need to know what file system Ubuntu 11.10 should use to preserve the names of the files and folders (alot of weird naming conventions)

    Ext4 did not work dude to the limitations of naming conventions.
    Ext3 will not work either.

    HFS+ is a no go because the Volumes have to be bigger than 2 TB.

    I'm at a loss. I had it setup with ZFS but then I read that ZFS is just a glorified LVM manager with software RAID.

    Please help me settle on a file system that will hold these files and not mess with the naming conventions. Has anyone done this? Let me know if you need more info.


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    So, you need to access the data from Linux as well as OS X systems? HFS+ will handle volumes much bigger than 2TB, but Linux drivers for HFS+ have a bug that keeps them from dealing with more than 2TB in an HFS+ volume, hence the limitation there. Apple systems have no such problem. So, if you are just using Apple systems, stick with HFS+. If you need Linux to access/update those volumes as well, then you need something else. Since ext4 can handle much bigger volumes than 2TB (I have ones up to 6TB on a RAID), what are the naming limitations? Are these built into the Apple software you have to use, or are they because of your own internal naming conventions?
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