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    Which Of these Linux OS is best for use for a server

    A question on which of the following is the option to use for a server.

    Red Hat

    I am researching which one these operating systems would be best to install on a machine that will be used as a server. I would like to know what ye think and why you would choose this one and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

    I need it to be secure, and it being user friendly is not a big deal

    If ye have any other ideas it would be appreciated

    Thanking You

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    Hello and welcome!

    The first two you listed are popular options, but you can also check the following link for favorite server distro as voted by our membership:

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    Technically, most any Linux distribution will be fine to use as a server. Some are built to do that more reliably than others (server vs. desktop use), but in fact they are all pretty much the same under the covers. Myself, I like to use RHEL-based systems (RHEL, CentOS, Scientific Linux) for these purposes, but I have also used Gentoo, Suse, Mepis, and others as well. My current systems are all RHEL-based, including the production servers at my place of work. We use RHEL as the OS for our mobile web browser servers. Our current production systems are on RHEL 5.x, but our new generation is migrating to 6.1 and later. We deal with 1 million plus users, and 100,000 plus concurrent connections at any time. Reliability is essential!
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