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    Samba File Share accessed by other users


    I've setup file server with Samba. and it working. However, there's one issue that I need to solve.

    Whenever, I access the share folder EVEN im not a user of that share folder, I can see the files as long as I know the folder name. How can I restrict the folder (read and write) only to users listed? Its now invisible when I add "browsable =no" but if user knows the exact share name, they can see the content, which I want to avoid.

    For example, I browse my share folder
    and I am using user3, I can access the folder of media, even user3 is not listed on write or read list

    path = /FS/media
    guest ok = no
    security = user
    browsable = no
    write list = user1 user2
    read list = user1 user2
    public = no
    available = yes

    Hope you can help.

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    I replaced
    read list
    valid users


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