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    Mammoth migration task!..

    Afternoon All,

    I have a huge task ahead of me and I was wondering if anyone could offer me some pointers or advice?..

    I have taken over as senior systems engineer at an ISP and there are a few things which are a real mess, the client email system for starters!

    It currently comprises of a SunOS 5.8 server, running a POP server holding all email accounts with local users. A Redhat 9 server running postfix and mail scanner, and another SunOS 5.8 box hosting all the logs from both.

    This is a pretty old setup, albeit quite stable, bar a couple of quirks. The problem is I know nothing about Sun and I don't like maintaining and supporting something I know nothing about... I have been asked to, and I also want to for myself, move everything onto a new platform.

    Debian is where I am most at home, so I am either going to go with Debian or Ubuntu LTS, that doesn't overly matter and isn't my problem. My problem lies with not knowing where to even start with migrating the existing mailboxes and users off the Sun box to a new environment. The mailboxes I think reside in /var/mail/ (var ??), although there are only ~1100 entires within there but ~3700 entires in /etc/passwd. So who knows...

    Umm, so thats where I am at... Does anyone have any thoughts, or opinions or advice?

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    To be honest, I am a bit surprised that a senior systems engineer has issues tracing just three machines for standard services like smtp and pop3...
    No mammoths here

    But anyway.
    Login the boxes, see what is running, examine the configs of the running services.
    Then you should know, where the mailboxes are.

    cronjobs should also be investigated.
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.

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    Hmm, OK not the most helpful there...

    I have already traced everything I need to, I know where everything is running.

    My problem is, is there a easy migration path for the logins and mailboxes?

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    I think mammoth refers to ancient...

    (soz, couldn't resist..)

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