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    samba refuses to see this directory

    My GNU/Linux-based server took a crap after a power failure, so I am migrating my services to a new machine. I have several clients (windows and linux) which need to mount a samba share. The old machine (fc5) was serving it up just fine, but the "new" one (fc9) will not. No matter where I mount the hard drive I want to share, samba refuses to acknowledge that it exists. For example:

    # mount /dev/sdd1 /plague

    I can access my files under /plague just fine (from the server itself). If I mount my root samba share (of /) from windows, the /plague directory simply isn't there, and my plague share (samba share of /plague) claims to not be found. It's as if smbd just can't see that directory. And if I link to it, the links don't appear to samba. if I mount it somewhere else, the new mountpoint disappears from samba's view. It's as if it refuses to share those files, and I don't understand it. smbd runs as root. the mountpoint is owned by root, with permissions 777. my windows username is mapped to a user with an id of 0, to simulate root. this always worked on my old server. I know this setup is insecure. I don't care about security here. I just want to mount this hard drive and share its root using samba to my home network (which is walled off from the outside, so I am really only trusting my own family here). I'm ripping my hair out here.

    What would make samba REFUSE (I swear if I were a less rational person I'd think samba was simply a stubborn child) to acknowledge a directory's existence? I can share a folder /old where I have another hard drive mounted, but I also can't share /joey where I have yet another drive mounted. I don't understand how I can make directories the same way and have some work and others not. It's got something do with the filesystem being mounted, because if I remount /dev/sdd1 to /old then /old disappears. unmount and it's back. what do need to do to /dev/hdd1 to make samba play nice with it?!

    As is stands, if I change the plague share in smb.conf to point to /old I can mount the plague share from windows and view it just fine. it just contains the wrong data, as the data I want is in /plague not /old ... someone help me before I go postal, please!

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    enough banging my head against the wall, and I figured it out.

    selinux was the culprit. I shut it off, and now my machine respects that I am root and can do whatever the heck I want. what a pain that was! ok, if anyone read my longwinded post, did selinux pop into your mind?

    anyway, this leaves me wondering why some files can be shared and others not. oh well. I wasn't using it before, and I won't start using it now (selinux that is).

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