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    Question Local Internet Sharing Speed Control

    Heya guys!

    I live together with 7 other people on the same yard. We wish to get a ADLS line. And I wish to share that line amongst us.

    Now you get people like me who will have 10 downloads running, ALWAYS, to use the maximum amount of the internet. Then you will also get people who just go online to check their email, and they are done for the day.

    I wish to install a server that regulates the internet. As we will all be paying the same amount, the people who used less internet, should get preference to the line speed by slowing down the users who used more internet. This way we can always make use of the maximum potential of the line, and keep everyone happy at the same time.

    For example. I have downloaded 10 GB so far. Seeing as I'm the only one online, I get 100% of the line. My one friend joins me. He has only used 5GB. My speed gets reduced to 33.33% while he gets 66.67%. The lady checking her email comes online to check. As she has only used 1mb for the month, she gets something like 90% of the line, while we share the other 10%. (Would like a threshold, she shouldn't get 99.9% while we share 0.1. That would be unfair!)

    This is how it should work in theory in my head. :P Dunno if there is something like that in practical.

    If there is, please let me know!


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    Look into tc for this.


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