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    sendmail - Sending emails from the machine with name of the HOSTNAME

    In my server I work with sendmail, for a long time I try to send emails from user "root" and get this mail with full name of the HOSTNAME machine. but in the from I only see "root" and not root(at), when I add the LOCAL_USER(`root')dnl to /etc/mail/ file, it's work i see the root(at) but if I try to send mail from user "root" like - echo "bla" | mail -s "test" root i get this error: "root... User address required"

    in addition, I use a file ".forward"

    anybody know as a problem and know the solution ?

    If there is a solution with "aliases" file, I like to see an example...

    Thanks, Oz.

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    Your example command works fine on my system running sendmail-8.14.4-10. My aliases entry for root is "root: mudgen". The root user does not have a .forward file. What does root's /etc/aliases entry look like on yours? If you don't have one, what's in his .forward?

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