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    Apache to talk on multiple IP Addresses

    I am hosting multiple sites on my server, and I was able to setup a IP-based virtual host successfully. However I want each site to talk from the same ip address that the request is coming in from, and not the server ip.
    So if a request comes in to site a, on ip and the servers ip is, i want site a to reply from the ip and not as it currently is doing.
    Currently I have 5 different IP addresses and domain names set up on one NIC. So when I do /sbin/ip addr I see 5 different addresses on eth0.

    Thank you

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    musya, Could you please be more specific about your configuration?

    Here's what I'm guessing your setup is like:
    domainX.tld -> DNS
    domainY.tld -> DNS
    domainZ.tld -> DNS

    Apache: Listen *:80

    However, if someone goes to domainX.tld, their DNS would direct them to; then, your virtualhost setting would point them to the entry for domainX.tld - which content they would then be served. This would be true for each domain.

    • Are my presumptions about your setup correct?
    • If not, what is different?
    • What behaviour are you getting that is not what you were expecting?
    • What do you want/expect?

    Also, just to verify: Is there a specific reason (ssl, etc) that you're not using the more-popular name-based virtual hosting?

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