I'm tyring to configure a ProxyCache/WebFiltering server based on :
system: CentOS 6.2 (+maj)
proxy: Squid v3.1.10
filter: DansGuardian v2.10.1.1
auth: NTLM against AD db on Win server 2008

After successive installs and configurations of winbind, samba, ntp, krb, etc, everything seem to work properly :
wbinfo (-a/-g/-u/-p) give me back the good infos / normally perform.
same for kinit and klist.
transparent authentication from web-browser against AD works.
IPranges are well managed by Squid and WebFiltering well done by DansGuardian according to my configurations.

But there is one failure :
on the deniedaccess page which shows up on the client's web-browser when a requested page is forbiden, the variable $user ('-USER-' in template.html file) doesn't show anything. Same for the report email sent via smtp, the report doesn't display the AD name of the user who made the http request.
However, 'filtergroup', 'host', 'ip', 'url', etc ... display the good values !!!

Do you have any reason, any solution to my problem ?
Thanks by advance.

PS : if it has something to do with the problem, I also got a matter with ntpd sync. The time/date doesn't sync automatically with the AD server as I would like to. I'm compiled to manually do it by writing as root :
# service ntpd stop
# ntpdate -u w.x.y.z
23 Mar 14:58:51 ntpdate[27734]: adjust time server w.x.y.z offset -0.010014 sec
# service ntpd start