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    Email issues - please advise

    Greetings Community

    I work for a company and our accounting system runs on a Linux server. We recently 'upgraded' the accounting software to be able to send emails. Now from what I am told the server uses Sendmail and relays it through our ISP SMTP server. The problem is that when it hits our offsite/outsourced IMAP email server the email is outright blocked because the server sees that our server is an unregistered email server relaying through our ISP and it doesn't even make it to the spam filter. I would like to avoid the cost and maintentance required to upgrade our server to a true email server with all the right keys in place. Is there any way to have the server direct connect to the smtp server and send the email like Outlook (Sorry for using the devils name on this forum) would?

    Any advice or explaination would be appreciated. I don't know anything about servers, nor did I want to learn because I was relying on another company to setup our server correctly. So unfortunately this is all the information I have. So please advise.

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    The advantage of sending mails via a local sendmail first is, that you get resilience and logs.

    If -for whatever reason- the isp smtp server is not reachable, then the local sendmail will retry for up to four days.
    Also, your local IT staff has a chance to trace what is going on.
    Has the mail been sent or not? If not, what errorcode? etc

    The "disadvantage" is, that this local sendmail needs to be set up correctly, as you already know.
    For a start: It needs a public (non-dynamic) IP, forward and reverse dns resolving, an MX entry and probably some masquerading.
    There is a lot more, but the above should be enough to send mails.

    If that accounting system runs on private IPs, then your idea to send mails directly via the isp smtp server might work.
    "Might", because there might be authentication involved (e.g. smtp-auth) and if that is the case, then this accounting system must support sending mails with smtp authentication.

    Imho: That company installed the accounting system.
    So they know the environment already.
    You are the customer, get them to figure this out on site. It shouldnt be a big problem.
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    Now, while I would normally agree with the above statement, and have somebody else maintain an email server, sometimes having an internal one works better. Would you want somebody outside your company having access to see emails about/from your accounting system???

    There are several systems that are available on the linux side to be intranet or internet email system. They are all pretty easy to set up, just hard to maintain if internet email systems, spam and all that. The people over at How to Forge dot com have a lot of DIY set ups. Also take a look at Zimbra Community Edition. They offer a complete email system, I have set one up on a Dell Optiplex with 1GB of RAM as an intranet email server for 20 users. Anything more will need to have an investment of a larger machine.

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    When you relay mail through another smtp server with proper authentication this problem should not come. I think the smtp relay option is not set up properly.Can you send mails to other mailservers.

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