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    Disable MX lookups on Postfix?

    Hi all,

    I'm currently having an issue where mail is being rejected by my mail relay server; if I'm interpreting the issue correctly this is because Postfix insists on checking then does not recognise the sender's domain. Error message received:

    5.7.1 SMTP; 550 5.7.1 sender domain does not exist> #SMTP#

    What I would like is for Postfix not to check the domain; I have read around on the topic and have found ways to disable MX lookups by inserting square brackets around the destination address for relay settings within /etc/postfix/transport and /etc/postfix/; however, in this setup the server acts as a mail server to the internet and relaying is not configured using the relay statements within those files. I was wondering, does anyone know of another way to stop Postfix querying the domain, or indeed some other solution that might work in this instance?


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    Just FYI to everyone, I eventually resolved this by masquerading the domain. Because the normal method of doing this (e.g. inserting a 'masquerade_domains =' statement in didn't work for me for reasons I have yet to figure out, I instead made the following changes:

    ## append the following to /etc/postfix/
    smtp_generic_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/generic   
    ## insert the following into /etc/postfix/generic   ## append any users that need to send mail from server to generic file
    postmap /etc/postfix/generic     ## perform postmap
    service postfix restart          ## restart postfix
    And that worked - so I'm marking this thread as solved.

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