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    Best way to access remote server file system?

    Hi all. I was just wondering what's the best way nowadays to access a file system on a remote server. I have a local Linux server running Debian, and I have a Remote VPS. I wold like to mount the VPS's drive on the local server to acess the files, edit things, etc. Here are the options I looked at:

    1. SMB over SSH
    2. NFS over SSH
    3. SFTP

    Is there anything new around I am missing. Something that would have encryption and fult tolerance, since the connection is over the Internet. Also, data compression during transfer for speed would be great!

    Any ideas? I have been out of the server game of late, so not up on all the latest stuff.

    - Bogdan

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    Since you want to mount the remote filesystem locally, I would install sshfs on your local machine then simply
    $ sshfs user@VPS:/path/to/dir ~/local/mountpoint
    See man sshfs for details & options

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    After experimenting and trying the above suggested sshfs here are the results:

    I transferred a 75MB file from the remote VPS to my local server:

    29.6 seconds -> Apache/wget - Downloaded from the webserver
    42.18 seconds -> sshfs using cp to copy the file
    425.7 seconds -> Samba over SSH (no, that's no typo, really, took over 6 minutes)

    Clearly sshfs is the way to go, only a little slower then the best available, wget. Apache/wget tops out my internet connection, so if there is any performance loss due to the protocol, it's not an issue. I am not sure why the Samba over SSH is so slow. The CPU on the server or the client was not stressed out at all, so that's not the issue. So, I am really confused about this, any ideas? Maybe something strange going on with the VPS's firewall, if there is any. It's not my host, I am just ranting space, so it's hard to know the way they are setup.

    I was thinking about trying Coda FS, but without all the fancy authentication options. A simple username and password is good enough for me. Any tutorials on how to setup a really simple Coda on a Ubuntu server? Any other remote file system suggestions?

    - Bogdan

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    Opps, just realized that Coda and OpenVZ do not play nice, no they do not. So... back to square one.

    - Bogdan

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    I would guess that as a webhost their QOS would favour http.
    SSH also has a bit of overhead for encryption.
    As for samba ... ... that is abysmal, but the question is why you would even consider it for using between linux hosts.
    It is overly complex & inefficient, basically the same design as the OS it was made for ...

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