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    Using Quota with Apache vhosts


    I'm setting up a new webserver and I'm using quota so the users won't use up all the diskspace. I've got quota working properly and I've tried it and it works if for example a user logs in using the FTP and uploads a file etc.

    However if a users uploads a file from their own site, for example a Wordpress blog, the file will be owned by the Apache owner and quota won't count that as the users quota as it's using the owned-by username to count the quota.

    I have quota enabled on /var/www and the users html_docs are located like this: /var/www/<username>/html_doc

    So I guess I could make a script that will change the owner of each file to the correct one and run it a couple of times a day, but there must be a more simple way of doing this?

    Maybe there's a way of implementing quota into Apache?
    Any suggestion is appreciated!


    Just to be clear, I'm not looking for any bandwidth quota, just diskspace!

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    Checkout "mod_ruid" or suphp so that your uploaded files are owned by their user id from when they're uploaded/created.

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    Thanks a lot! I tried mod_ruid2 and it worked like a charm and was easy to configure

    Thanks again, this thread is solved!

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